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Are you living in pain? Are you frustrated by countless trips to doctors' offices and leaving with more questions than answers?

Are you tired of just your symptoms getting treated? Are you looking for a correction once and for all? Then you have finally found the right place! Please give us a call or feel free to explore our site to learn more about our services. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that from your first visit, you will be treated with the care and compassion you would expect from a team of professionals.

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  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • headaches
  • TMJD
  • Fibromyalgia
  • leg / arm pain
  • digestive disorders
  • low Back / Hip pain
  • Symptoms caused from stress
  • Sinus / allergies / asthma
  • sleep disturbances

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My very first adjustment came from Dr. Postier, after years of suffering from migraines. He made me feel at ease immediately by describing the science behind his methods and letting me know what to expect before each adjustment. His exams are thorough and his adjustments are quick. After regular visits with Dr. Postier and by following his recommendations, I've been without migraines for over 5 years! Dr. Postier has also worked wonders on my feet. I would've never guessed that my constant foot pain could be addressed through chiropractic care, but Dr. Postier's adjustments have made a world of difference. Lastly, I've been impressed time and again by Dr. Postier's knowledge of nutrition. As a registered dietitian, I'm often disappointed in the lack of nutrition knowledge displayed by healthcare professionals. Dr. Postier is the exception. I trust his recommendations and appreciate that he continues to study not only chiropractic techniques, but the latest information available in human nutrition.

Nikki P.

“He is very thorough and has incredible technique.”
Dr. Postier was a superb doctor for our son after he suffered a hard hit in a football game. Dr. Postier fit us into his schedule right away. He took ample time in his adjustment which was so comforting. He is very thorough and has incredible technique.
He also healed my husband after years of shoulder and back pain!!! He is just magnificent!!

Ericka C.

“I am healthier and much more in tune to my body than ever before.”
To All the Skeptics,
Having chronic knee pain and severe headaches for many years, I am happy to report that neither is a part of my daily life now. Thanks to Dr. Postier and his expert advice and adjustments, I am healthier and much more in tune to my body than ever before in my adult life. The headaches are gone and my knee not looks “normal” but feels wonderful. I was able to go up and down my stairs to get Christmas decorations out of the basement myself this past year without having to beg family members to find the items I wanted.
Going to the Chiropractor will always be a part of my life. I look forward to appointments knowing I am doing something good for my personal well being. It wasn’t’ easy at first, I was scared to death. But Dr. Postier was very kind and understanding of my fear. He said he could fix my health issues if I would stay the course and he has. My entire family goes for adjustments and we have never felt better.
I encourage anyone experiencing health problems and pain gives Dr. Postier an opportunity to share his knowledge of a healthy lifestyle and an aligned spine. I am still amazed at my own experience, more energy, a better attitude, and no trips to the family doctor for prescriptions to mask the real issue!
Thanks Dr. Postier!

Patti B.

“I had the energy to go outside and play with my son in ways I couldn’t do before.”
I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease about 6 years ago with no hope of ever being able to manage it…until now. When Dr. Greg Postier came into my office and told me about how he could not only help relieve my back pain and stress but could probably help my Crohns Disease I thought I would give him a try. That was a decision I will never regret and I will tell you why. Before Dr. Postier, I had headaches daily, stress, serious back pain and I was always tired (not to mention I had 5 or more flare-ups each year due to Crohns Disease). I started seeing Dr. Postier in early 2014 and my headaches were gone in about a week. I honestly thought this guy was a miracle worker! I had back relief instantly and have almost no back pain now. I work a desk job so I sit all day and my posture was terrible and with Dr. Postier’s tips and suggestions my stress and pain have disappeared.
That’s not all, he told me he could help with my heath issues too. I’ll be honest I was a bit wary about this, I didn’t really believe he could actually help me with my Crohn’s Disease. Typically, a medical issue is managed by a medical doctor, but for me it was worth the try because my Crohns was getting hard for me to manage, so I was open to suggestions. He personally took the time to research this disease to better understand it and be able to help in every way that he could. Little by little I tried doing things he suggested and my body was changing for the better. We discovered things about my body that I never knew; I now know that I’m lactose intolerant and when I started eating healthier the stress and fatigue just disappeared. I literally felt like a new person; I had the energy to go outside and play with my son in ways I couldn’t do before.
I couldn’t be more grateful for what Dr. Postier has done for me. Little did I know, things would continue to improve, after seeing Dr. Postier for several months I finally realized that I hadn’t had a single flare up. I made it a goal of mine to continue doing what Dr. Postier suggested and practice a healthier lifestyle. Together, we made it a whole year with only one flare-up, and a mild one at that. I was ecstatic! I couldn’t believe Dr. Postier could have such a big impact on my health. He has literally proven that medication doesn’t have to be your only option or even an option at all. I will forever be thankful for Dr. Postier and how much he has helped me live a better life for me and my family.

Alicia E.

“Needless to say, I cancelled the appointment to have those two deep injections done on my back again.”
Hello, my name is Michael Brooks and I have been a patient of Dr. Postier’s. A little over a year ago, I experienced a severe problem in my back that caused me to be bent over in order to walk. After visiting my doctor I was assigned to go and receive two very deep shots, pain shots, which were extremely hard to take.
I was told at the time that I receive these two very painful shots that they could last as much as a month, a year, or in some cases forever! However, in my case within one month I was beginning to have this severe pain return. I made an appointment to get additional shots in my back; however I did so knowing that the pain of receiving the shots would be extremely difficult to bear. As the date of the appointment began to near, I decided to see if my insurance company would cover chiropractic. I had never been to a chiropractor before and so I really did not know what to expect.
On the day that I went to my first appointment with Dr. Postier, I had not been able to sleep in our bed at home for several weeks; even after I had the first set of shots in my back. Dr. Postier needed to take x-rays of my back and due to the fact that I was in such pain, he would position me for the x-ray and then run back into the room to take the x-ray where he was protected. He could tell exactly how much pain I was in and therefore worked as rapidly as he could to get the x-rays he needed.
After studying the x-rays he immediately gave me my first adjustment. He warned me that in my condition, the first adjustment may be uncomfortable and he was right. However, after my wife and I left his office, I was already able to walk upright. This was amazing to me. I still had a lot of pain but I was walking upright and we walked around the area of town where his office was located.
That very evening I was actually able to sleep in our own bed for the very first time in many months. In the months that followed along with the adjustments that I had, I was able to resume a normal lifestyle with many improvements in normal activities. Needless to say, I cancelled the appointment to have those two deep injections done on my back again.
As a 73 year old male, I was given an opportunity to be physically active again by a man that loves his work, and loves and truly cares for his patients. Thank you so much Dr. Postier.
Yours truly, now living a normal life,

Pastor Michael Brooks

“My overall well-being has improved 100%”
I never even thought about going to a chiropractor before. My mom and my wife had been bugging me about going for probably 10 years. I finally gave in and thought, “What the heck. What do I have to lose?” So my wife made an appointment for me and I went to see Dr. Postier. He took x-rays, did a consultation and an examination. He then showed me the x-rays and adjusted my lower back which has bothered me for 40 years! I also have had bad headaches nearly every day for the last 15 years and after 3 months of care, WOW, no more headaches! I’ve lost weight, have more energy, am more alert, have no trouble sleeping, and my overall well-being has improved 100%. Dr. Postier has done wonders for me! I highly recommend chiropractic care, I’m a believer!

Dan R.

“It was impossible for me to even walk a mile without pain and falling. Now I am back to hiking 5, 6, or even more miles in one stretch.”
I wanted to let everyone know that I, Ingrid Odenthal, am delighted with the progress in my well-bing. Having severe balance issues that resulted in a multitude of falls, I went to see Dr. Postier. After x-rays and a complete consultation, Dr. Postier began and continued to work with his expert hands and the improvements were almost instantaneous. I am now almost 100% fully aligned, sleep and walk much better (no more falls for months) and go for my monthly adjustments. Thanks to Dr. Postier, I now can enjoy my passion, hiking. It was impossible for me to even walk a mile without pain and falling. Now I am back to hiking 5, 6, or even more miles in one stretch.

Ingrid O.

“Austin’s blood pressure medication has been reduced three times.”
My son, Jonathan, was the first of my children that I brought to see Dr. Postier. When we brought him here he was facing back surgery due to curvature of his spine, hips, and shoulders. He worked on the alignment of all three and made a 2% change in Jonathan’s curvature in a few months. Because of the improvement it appears he will be able to avoid surgery. He has also helped my second son, Austin, with some pinched nerves in his back. Austin has always had high blood pressure and since getting adjusted by Dr. Postier, Austin’s blood pressure medication has been reduced three times. Dr. Postier has helped my kids so much and I would recommend him to any friend or family member.

Betty C.

“He knows what he is doing and is dedicated to his profession.”
I’ve been going to Dr. Postier since May with a lot of leg pain and finding it painful to walk. We’ve made a lot of progress and are still working on it. He hasn’t given up and neither have I. Now I can walk! He’s been very caring and dedicated to me; not only as our doctor but as a real friend. I talked my husband into going in October for a long time problem. Dr. Postier has helped him a lot with the numbness he felt for years in his left leg. I’d recommend anyone to see Dr. Postier. He knows what he’s doing and is dedicated to his profession.

Betty S.

“My doctor informed me that she had done all she could for me and it was time to talk surgery.”
In the fall of 2012, I fell on kitchen floor, breaking my tailbone and knocking my right hip out of alignment. I did my six weeks of physical therapy and found only slight relief for a short time. Over the next two years my pain levels grew and my activity levels dropped. I went from being a happy person that enjoyed taking care of others to a quiet, withdrawn person that could barely care for herself. My doctor informed me that she had done all she could for me and it was time to talk surgery.
That’s when I came to see Dr. Postier. He was amazing. He was kind, friendly, and patient. He listened to my story and my concerns. I was actually afraid to come to a chiropractor at first because it hurt just to be touched. But he was great and talked me through every step as we went. I felt comfortable from my first visit and knew I had made the right choice in coming to see Dr. Postier. I have returned to my ahppy self and am taking care of myself and others once again.

Tammy D.

”I would and do recommend him to everyone I know for any problem.”
When I first met Dr. Postier I was desperate for some relief following an auto accident. Even though I made the appointment I was skeptical. After the assistant told me I would have to lay on an ice pack I was angry. I hate being cold. I did as she requested but was sure it would not help. Ta-dah… it worked. Then I met Dr. Postier. He was amazing. He actually listened to me and was very careful to put me at ease.
Following the accident I had dizziness, balance issues, and pain. Through it all, Dr. Postier encouraged me, was gentle, and worked for my health. He has also gone with me through two more health crises and did research for me and encouraged me even when I foolishly didn’t follow his suggestions. He never gave up on me and has continued to be empathic and supportive.
His adjustments have helped me through a very difficult two years and I am much better able to cope than I would have without him and his expertise. When I have a particularly dizzy or painful day, I know when he completes the adjustments I will feel more normal and have relief from the pain. I appreciate the fact that he still believes the touch of hands bring better results than the current trend of using mechanical equipment.
I would and do recommend him to everyone I know for any problem. With today’s specialized care, it seems chiropractors are about the only doctors that are still concerned with the workings of the entire body, or so it has been in my case.

Dolly B.